January 2019 Records Request

January Military & Federal Records Requests

January 28, 2019

We’re thrilled that all National Archives facilities are reopening this week, and we will be submitting military & non-military records requests to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis this Friday, February 1, 2019.

Some of the records that you can take advantage of requesting are:

Military Personnel

  • Official Military Personnel Files,¬†All¬†Branches – These are the service records of military personnel from World War I through Korea, and the interwar years (1914 – 3 Feb 1957)
  • Individual Deceased Personnel Files, All Branches – These files relate to service members who were Killed In Action from World War II to Vietnam, providing information & documentation about their deaths. (1939-1975)
  • Deceased Veterans Claim Files – These files were used to document compensation and insurance claims for veterans and their heirs ( Up to 1949)
  • World War I Award Cards – These cards record awards given to service members during World War I and may help in reconstructing burned OMPF files.
  • World War I Burial Files – These files relate to service members who were Killed In Action during World War I, providing information& documentation about their deaths.
  • Selective Service Records – These are the draft registrations for men from World War II – Vietnam.
  • Other military records in the catalog – If you know of other specific archival holdings at the NPRC – St. Louis, we will also work with you to obtain those.

Civilian Federal Employees

  • Civilian Conservation Corps – These are the records and project information for young men who were employed in the CCC from 1933-1942.
  • Works Progress Administration – These are the records and project information for the men and women who were employed with the Works Progress Administration from 1935-1943.
  • Official Personnel Folders – These are the personnel files of civilian federal employees from various agencies from 1850-1951.

Requests & Pricing

We will be submitting requests for processing on Friday, February 1. For inclusion in this month’s batch, we will need completed information by 10AM CST, Friday, February 1.

Your purchase will include: the full requested record in PDF form (inquire about paper copies), a general overview of the record, and an individualized summary of the contents of the record.

Military Records Retrieval Price Guide

You will not be billed until we have obtained your files, which may take 8-12 weeks. Discounts are available to our newsletter subscribers and to members of the Virtual Genealogical Association (VGA).

To get started on your requests you may email us directly at: veteranvoicesresearch@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

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