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Welcome to Veteran Voices

At Veteran Voices our goal is to honor our Veterans by telling their stories. Our services include personalized military research.

Our Mission is two-fold:

Veteran Voices

First, we seek to educate by preserving the history and legacies of American service members. We do this through the sharing of stories, photographs, and ephemera that many of those veterans left behind.

Veteran Voices shares an unwavering interest and dedication to the preservation of history and stories from World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. We strive to capture the stories of individual veterans, so that they are never forgotten or lost to time.

Second, our goal is to engage you in the project of preserving these stories. By providing research and genealogical services, Veteran Voices can help you gather information about the service members in your family. Using a variety of resources, we can often retrace their steps and provide a more detailed picture of their military experiences.

We also work to provide educational resources that will be beneficial in your own military research. From fascinating biographies, stories, photographs and more, to downloadable research aides, our goal is to provide you with unique and relevant content.

Contact us now for more information. We will work with you to provide a customized research plan tailored to your needs and budget.