About Veteran Voices

Veteran Voices

At Veteran Voices our foremost goal is to elevate the voices of America’s World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Veterans.

We do this by providing professional military research services to help you discover more about the veterans in your own family. We also provide histories, educational resources, and share veterans’ stories here on this site.

Who Are We?

Veteran Voices is run by the mother-daughter genealogy team of Karen MacArthur Grizzard & Ericka L. Grizzard. Located in the backyard of the 101st Airborne Division, our adjacency to the military and military families always informs our work. Prior to focusing full-time on research and genealogy Karen was a counselor and database manager for a faith-based organization, and Ericka was a teacher with a background in history. Both have a passion, particularly, for the World War II-era and 20th century history. Our genealogy research can be found at J. Wendell Genealogy.

Why We Do Military Research

Cpl. Richard Livingston || Veteran-Voices.com
Cpl. Richard Livingston, 1st European Civil Affairs Regiment, US Army, World War II. KIA, France, August 1944.

Our passion for this work, and the reason we do it is simple: family.

It’s the one in our family who did not come home who drives us to know more and to make sure he is never forgotten. His loss has reverberated through generations of our family. We know that by understanding his experiences and what happened to him, we honor his memory and continue his legacy by helping other families do the same.