Military Dates of Remembrance

Military Dates of Remembrance honoring and memorializing our military service men and women, military families, and our veterans.

Victory in Europe Day
Victory in Europe (VE) Day

There are key events in history that are so embedded in our memories that we can recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news break: 7 December 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor, Victory in Europe (VE) Day, the day John F. Kennedy was shot, 9/11 and it’s aftermath … each generation can recall at least one historic event that changed the course of history. Therefore, we would like to provide a list of key dates in our military history that should be noted and remembered (along with a few holidays, as well.)

Military Dates of Remembrance


1 January: New Year’s Day

Third Monday in January: Martin Luther King Jr. Day


3 February: Four Chaplains Day

14 February: Valentine’s Day

Third Monday in February: President’s Day / Coast Guard Reserve Birthday


3 March: Navy Reserve Birthday

5 March: Seabee Birthday

13 March: National K9 Veterans Day

17 March: St Patrick’s Day

25 March: National Medal of Honor Day

29 March: Vietnam Veterans Day


5 April: Gold Star Wives Day

14 April: Air Force Reserve Birthday

23 April: Army Reserve Birthday

25 April: ANZAC Day (Australia & New Zealand)


National Military Appreciation Month

1 May: Loyalty Day / Silver Star Service Banner Day

8 May: Victory in Europe (VE) Day

11 May: Military Spouse Appreciation Day

13 May: Children of Fallen Patriots Day

20 May: Armed Forces Day

Friday before Memorial Day: National Poppy Day

Last Monday in May:  Memorial Day


6 June: D-Day – Anniversary of the World War II Allied Invasion in Normandy, France

14 June: Flag Day / Army Birthday

23 June: Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday

25 June: Anniversary of the start of the Korean War

27 June: National PTSD Awareness Day


4 July: Independence Day

27 July: Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

29 July: Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Corps


4 August: Coast Guard Birthday

7 August: Purple Heart Day

8 August: Victory over Japan (VJ) Day

29 August: Marine Forces Reserve Birthday


First Monday of September: Labor Day

11 September: Patriot Day

18 September: Air Force Birthday

Third Friday in September: POW/MIA Recognition Day

Last Sunday in September: Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day


2nd Monday in October: Columbus Day

13 October: Navy Birthday

26 October: National Day of the Deployed


Military Family Month

11 November:  Veterans Day  (Remembrance Day: Britain & Canada) (Armistice Day: France)

Third Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day


1 December: Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary) Birthday

7 December: Pearl Harbor Day

13 December: National Guard Birthday

Third Saturday in December: National Wreaths Across America

24 December: Christmas Eve

25 December: Christmas Day

28 December: Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Assistant

31 December: New Year’s Eve