Veteran Snapshots World War II

Veteran Snapshots: Flying Fish

June 27, 2019

Flying Fish on “R & R” …

These photographs were in the collection of Lt Robert Smith and depict a little “R & R” while visiting Cape Cod, Massachusetts. ‘Me’ would be Lt Robert “Bobby” Smith, and his friends are Lt. D.H. Stouch and Hyman. No other identification is marked on the photographs, but it is believed that Lt. D.H. Stouch is Daniel Haydn Stouch, a physician from York, Pennsylvania.

I love the comments and drawings. Can you identify where “Me” is in the photograph with Hyman and Stouch?

More research will need to be done to correctly identify these fellas. But once we prove their identities, we will order their Official Military Personnel Files and delve deeper into their service.

In the meantime, let us order your family’s service members’ “OMPF and discover their military contributions.

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