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Military Record Retrieval Pricing Guide

NARA Military Record Retrieval Services: St. Louis, Missouri

Military Records Retrieval Price Guide

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We strive to provide the best service possible to our clients. Your trust is very important to us. Therefore, you will not be billed until records have been obtained. Once your records are available, you will receive an invoice stating the number of pages per file and the amount due, based on the chart located above.

Your Order Will Include:
The full Military Record requested in PDF form
A General Overview of the Military Record
Individualized Summary of the Military Record contents

Some of the Military Records Available for Retrieval

Official Military Personnel File (OMPF): 1917-1956

This administrative file can provide a wealth of information regarding the service history of an individual. These military records often include date and type of enlistment, duty stations/assignments, training, qualifications, awards/decorations received, administrative remarks, insurance, emergency data, and more. However, this file DOES NOT include the veteran’s participation in battles or their military engagements. Note: The DD Form 214, Report of Separation, or equivalent is usually included.

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Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPF): Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force: 1939-1975

These files will vary based on branch of service and time period. However, this military records file may include correspondence, memorandums, documentation relating to the death of the individual during service, and much more.

It is worth nothing that the IDPF can oftentimes include very sensitive or disturbing information regarding the circumstances of a veteran’s death. With this in mind, we will strive to present the information in a way that will be respectful both to the veteran and his or her family. You will receive the full file. However, we will make sure to preface any difficult issues beforehand.

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Deceased Veterans Claim Files: Up to 1949

These military files were used to document compensation and insurance claims of veterans and their possible heirs.

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World War I Burial Files

These military files may consist of correspondence, Graves Registration Service forms, headstone applications, and other documents pertaining to burials of military and civilian service personnel. Events such as Gold Star Mothers’ pilgrimage and their itineraries may be included.

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World War I Award Cards

The WWI Award Cards were designed to record awards given to individuals for service accomplishments, acts of heroism, or injury.  Oftentimes these military records are used to assist in reconstructing OMPFs that may have been destroyed by the 1973 fire at the records center.

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