World War II


June 6, 2019

Pounding waves.
Pounding hearts.
The weight of fear now crashing the shore.
The roar of engines.
Men barking orders.
Men screaming in agony.
Silent screams now frozen on the faces
Of men who lay on their graves of sand.
Unchained from a united hell.
Their souls linger with those still living –
Who must make their way across the beach.
Fear mingled with mission.
Training woven with instinct.
The will to live.
The will to die.
The guts to keep moving.
The guts to win.
Silent beaches stilled now by time.
Yet the silence is as deafening as the frozen screams
of those who laid on their graves of sand.
They linger there to remind us of the Valor
Of the Greatest Generation.

Karen MacArthur Grizzard, D-Day 2019

Remembering the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

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