World War I

Camp Upton

Yaphank, (Long Island) Suffolk Co., New York

Camp Upton was established in 1917 to train the 77th Infantry Division (National Army), which was comprised of selective service inductees predominantly from New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. It had a capacity of over 43,000 soldiers.

The 77th “Statue of Liberty” Division occupied the cantonment from August 1917 – May 1918, when they shipped to France. The camp was then used as an embarkation camp, and then as a debarkation camp. It also housed the overflow from Camps Merritt & Mills. The camp had limited use after the Armistice and was deactivated.

The camp was reconstructed for World War II as an induction center and then a rehabilitation hospital. Post-World War II, the camp was not dismantled, and instead became the home to Brookhaven National Laboratory. This atomic energy research center is still operational and overseen by the U. S. Department of Energy.

Postcards – World War I

  • "Tower on Headquarters Hill at Camp Upton, Long Island, New York"
  • "Recruits Getting Their New Uniforms at Camp Upton, Long Island, New York"

Postcards – World War II

  • A Typical Squad Room - Camp Upton, New York


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