World War I

Camp Pike

Little Rock, Arkansas

Camp Pike was established as a training camp for the 87th “Golden Acorn” Infantry Division of the National Army in July 1917, which occupied the camp from August 1917 – June 1918. Inducted men largely came from nine states, the largest contributor of inductees being Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, and Alabama. After the 87th Division mobilized to Europe, the camp was designated as an infantry training center during the summer and fall of 1918, and as a demobilization center in December 1918.

After the war, the camp was retained, and in 1937 it was re-designated as Camp Joseph T. Robinson.

World War I

  • "View in Camp Pike, Ark."
  • "Soldiers Waiting For Train To Leave Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark."
  • Camp Street at Camp Pike, Little Rock, Arkansas

Soldiers of Camp Pike

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