World War I

Camp Grant

Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois

Camp Grant was established in July 1917 to train the 86th “Black Hawk” Infantry Division (National Army). It was comprised of selective service inductees primarily from Illinois & Wisconsin; but also included inductees from several other states.

It was originally built with the capacity of just under 43,000 men. But by the summer of 1918, there were over 57,000, making Camp Grant the largest cantonment in the United States.

The 2808th Engineers & the African-American 92nd “Buffalo Soldier” Infantry Division also trained at Camp Grant. Following World War I, it was used as a training camp for the Illinois National Guard, and as a camp for the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933.

It was re-opened as an induction center and training camp, prisoner of war camp, and medical training unit during World War II.

Postcards – World War I

  • "Accommodations for about 40,000 soldiers are provided, 200 soldiers live in a barrack." Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois
  • Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois

Postcards – World War II

  • Barracks at Camp Grant, World War II


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