World War I

Camp Gordon

World War I: Atlanta, Fulton Co.,Georgia | World War II: Augusta, Richmond Co., Georgia

Camp Gordon was established in 1917, to be the home of the National Army’s 82nd “All-American” Division. One of the things that made Camp Gordon unique was that the draftees who came to Camp Gordon were incredibly varied in their ethnic backgrounds – many of the men were immigrants who were unable to read or write in English. The vast language barriers initially caused low morale, and also posed an obstacle in training the men for the Front. The Camp Gordon Plan was developed to place men of the same native tongue into homogeneous companies, led my officers who were able to speak the same language, so that they could train more effectively while also undertaking intensive English language courses. The 82nd ultimately played an important role in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, which would bring an end to the Great War.

During World War II, the site of Camp Gordon was moved to Augusta, Georgia – that site eventually became Fort Gordon, and the Atlanta site became home to the Naval Air Station Atlanta.

Postcards – World War I

  • "Street in Camp Gordon, Atlanta, GA" World War I
  • "Parade Grounds, Camp Gordon, Georgia" World War I
  • "Regimental Review, Camp Gordon, Georgia" World War I
  • "Camp Library, Camp Gordon, Georgia" World War I
  • "Y.M.C.A. Hut 150 - Taking Vocal Lessons. Camp Gordon, GA" World War I

Postcards – World War II

  • "Maneuvers - Camp Gordon, Georgia" World War II
  • "Looking Down Sixth Avenue, Camp Gordon, Augusta, Georgia" World War II


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