World War I

Camp Wadsworth

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Camp Wadsworth was was established in July 1917 to serve as the training camp for the 27th “New York” Infantry Division. The 27th was primarily comprised of 30,000 men from New York National Guard units who arrived in September 1917, but also included inducted men from at least twelve states – the greatest contributors being New York (with another 25,000 men), Minnesota (10,000), Pennsylvania (9,500), and South Carolina (8,500).

There were so many New Yorkers present in Camp Wadsworth, that the Division took on the New York moniker. When the 27th mobilized for Europe in May 1918, Camp Wadsworth was used as a training camp for depot, corps, and army troops until early 1919. It was also designated as a demobilization center in December 1918. The camp was closed in March 1919, but camp headquarters maintained a presence there until September of that year.

World War I

  • "Regimental Street on the Vanderbilt Road, Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, S.C."
  • "Auto Truck Company Number 17, U. S. R., Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, S.C."


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