World War I

Camp Sheridan

Montgomery, Alabama

Camp Sheridan was established in July 1917 as a training camp for the Ohio National Guard regiments who were to become the 37th Infantry “Buckeye” Division. The 37th occupied the camp from August 1917 – May/June 1918, when they transferred to Europe as part of the American Expeditionary Forces. The 37th was replaced by the 9th Infantry Division, which was raised in July 1918; the 9th split it’s time between Camp Sheridan and Camp Mills, New York, but returned and remained at Camp Sheridan until it was decommissioned in February 1919. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald was a Lieutenant with the 9th and was stationed at Camp Sheridan when he met his wife Zelda Sayre of Montgomery.

Camp Sheridan became a demobilization center for returning soldiers from December 1918 until March 1919 when it closed.

Postcards – World War I

  • "A Section of Ohio Troops' Living Quarters at Camp Sheridan [Montgomery, Alabama]"


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